Motorized Screen - Solar 80, 90, 95, No-See-Um, Tuff, Super

Motorized Screen - Solar 80, 90, 95, No-See-Um, Tuff, Super

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Solar 80, Solar 90, Solar 95, No-See-Um, Tuff, & Super Screen

Custom made motorized screens for lanais or garage doors.


Choose your width and height rounded up to the next full foot. Prior to ordering, visit "How To Measure" to be sure you select the correct size.


Colors, parts, and exact dimensions will be specified in your order form after placing your order.

  • Product Description

    Motorized exterior screens for your garage or lanai.

    • Available Screen Colors:

    • Solar 80 (Black, Stucco, Dark Bronze, Grey, Brown, Beige, White)
    • Solar 90 (Black, Stucco, Dark Bronze, Grey, Brown, Beige)
    • Solar 95 (Black, Stucco, Dark Bronze, Alpaca, White, Mocha, Sand, Chestnut, White/Grey, Stucco, Carbon)
    • Super Screen (White)
    • Tuff Screen (Black)
    • No-see-um (Black)
    • Super 99 and Blackout Screen available at additional cost

    • Available colors for the hood, tracks, and weight bar: White, Ivory, Bronze, Beige, Black

    Available Sizes: 7' to 16' high and 3' to 25' wide

    Housing sizes:

    • 5" housing (standard)
    • 7" housing (over 12' high and/or over 20' wide)

    5 year warranty on motor

  • Terms & Conditions

    A order form must be submitted for each item within 24 hours of placing your order.

    • Free shipping on all products. Products usually ship within two weeks after placing your order.

    • No refunds or exchanges. Each item is custom fit for each application.

    Colors in photos may be different than actual product.